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Altaş Kalıp & Pres Otomotiv Yan Sanayi was established in 1997 Bursa. At the first time, the main objective of our company is to produce stamping tools.​​​​​​​

What is Fineblanking ( Hassas Kesme )?

Precise cutting dies show some differences from normal cutting dies in terms of operating system. In precision cutting molds, there is a pressing jaw and pressure which keeps the material to be cut under pressure. In addition, during the cutting, the sheet is pressed with a pressing force between the punch and the pusher, and the cutting operation is performed in the form of the extrusion of the sheet. Because of this difference, precise cutting molds are connected to their own special three effective precision cutting presses and production is made using sheet metal materials suitable for precision cutting.

Why Fineblanking ( Hassas Kesme )?

In conventional parts produced by cutting, the thickness of the shiny strip is only 1/3 of the sheet thickness. The other part of the cutting surface forms a rough breaking surface. In the parts produced by precision cutting, almost all of the cut surface is bright and right angled. Precision cutting parts, which can be obtained with a single operation in the production areas where narrow tolerance and clean cut surfaces are required, have great advantages (1). Apart from cutting operations with precision cutting technique, it can be done in operations such as embossing, crushing, stepping by circumferential crushing, countersinking, semi-drilling, bending, extrusion, forming